Day Camper Option

It is possible to attend any of the camp weeks as a day camper. Here are the differences of note for the day vs residential camper option.

1. The fee is $1,200 per camp week.

2. The camp fee includes lunch but excludes breakfast and dinner.

3. Day campers should be dropped off at the squash facility at 9:05am. They should be picked up at 5:05pm.

4. Day campers may not depart McArthur during the lunch time period.

5. Day campers do have the option of joining us for the evening activity, but these activities are not included in the day camp fee and are charged at $25 per evening activity.

6. Day campers can be between 12-21 years old (whereas residential campers must be aged 13-18 years old). Please note that we do not accept any player who is not at least 12 years old by the first day of camp.

7. On Wednesday afternoon day campers have the option of touring UVA, relaxing poolside at Boar's Head, or staying home (in which case they can be picked up from MSC at 12.15pm).


Lastly, if the camp is not 100% full with 30 camp participants then it may be possible for local players to join specific sessions and pay a $60 per session drop-in fee.